Frequently Asked Questions:

How is your service completely 100% FREE?​

​​The service we provide to you is completely "free".  When you apply for a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy, we get paid a fee directly from the insurance company for our service.

How do I enroll in basic Medicare Parts A & B?​

You can apply online to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B at Additionally, you can call the general Social Security local phone number (1-866-964-1236) and get signed up over the phone.   


What exactly is a Medicare Supplement (also called MediGap)?​

Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called MediGap), is a secondary form of insurance that
people on Medicare will purchase to fill the coverage gaps present in Medicare. Medicare only
covers a portion of healthcare expenses, and without a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, you will likely be left with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses when you need healthcare.


Will I get a better price if I apply directly through the insurance company?

No! Medicare Supplement Prices are fixed by law. The insurance company charges the exact

same price, regardless of how you purchase or sign up for a policy.

Why should I sign up through an independent broker like you?

​When you sign up for your Medicare Supplement Policy through an independent broker, like me, you will obtain far better customer service than you will receive anywhere else. This is because the over-whelming majority of the policies we service are Medicare Supplemental Insurance.  We strive very hard to know all of the latest changes and updates that our clients should be aware of.  We are also always available for immediate customer support should you ever experience any problems or have any questions regarding your policy.


Aren't you biased toward certain companies?

No! Since we are an independent broker, that means we work on your behalf, not the insurance
companies. We represent most Medicare Supplement Companies and are not biased toward any
specific one. Our goal is to search through all plans, and all companies in order to find you the best Medicare Supplement Plan for the best price available.


When should I apply for a Medicare Supplement Policy?

It depends on your specific situation, but we recommend applying for a new policy approximately 2-3 months before you would like coverage to start. You first have to complete an application for a
new Medicare Supplement Policy, then it has to be submitted to the insurance company to go
through underwriting.   Depending on the time of year, this process usually takes a couple of weeks.


What is a "Guarantee Issue Period"?

A Guarantee Issue Period is a specific right to purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance without
answering any health questions, and being "guaranteed coverage". To name a few instances, you
might be entitled to a guarantee issue period; e.g., if you are retiring and losing group health insurance, your previous health insurance plan is being terminated, you move out of state or out of your plans service area, etc. These are only a few reasons you might qualify for "Guarantee Issue" such as your first enrollment in Medicare Part B or it is the month of your birthday.


Will I receive ID cards for my new policy?

Yes. After you are approved for your new Medicare Supplement Policy, it generally takes about 2-3

weeks to receive your new Policy ID Card's in the mail.

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Individual and Family Health Insurance.  ​Medicare Supplements (Medigap) Plans. Travel Insurance. ​Term Life Insurance.